Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bla Bla {black sheep?}

Yesterday {Friday} we told Cutie Face that today {Saturday} she could go to a party and eat cupcakes.

Let's just say that kid has a great memory.

From the time she woke up ( 6:30 AM) to the time the party started (at 11), she kept saying "iwanna go to parTEE". Those 4.5 hours of between time dragged s l o w l y by but it was finally time to head to the Bla Bla party (side note: she'd been calling it the "bla bla black sheep" party)

Bla Bla did not disappoint! Like their Fall Party, they did an incredible job of making their street block look whimsical and fun. I tried to capture most of the party...once again in mosaic form due to the quantity of pictures!

we were so excited to get to Bla Bla that we were some of the first party goers to arrive--which allowed for ease of taking pictures of the cute decorations!

Bla Bla is located right next door to a children/youth music center. They always have a student concert in conjunction with Bla Bla's parties--i know we'll be hearing from some of them when they're old enough for American Idol!

Cutie Face was just tired enough that she managed to stay still for not only one, not just two, but THREE paintings--two on her hands (butterfly and flower) and one on her face (panda bear)

Other crafts included making Mother's Day crowns and playing with handmade playdough

Of course, she loved hanging out inside their store, too

And, of course, we had to follow through on our promise that she not only would get to go to a party but that she would also receive a cupcake...

PS Happy 21-month birthday to you, sweet Cutie Face! You're getting soooo big!


Kelly said...

That looks like so much fun! And, your header is also really cute--i am sad to admit that I haven't clicked over from google reader in so long that I am just now seeing the change :(

Karen said...

Gorgeous photos! It was so nice to meet you--thanks so much for your message, too. :o)

Natalie said...

So fun! Wish we had Bla Bla here too! Happy Birthday sweet girl! You are growing so quickly! Soon you will be 2! Wowsers!!