Monday, May 24, 2010


i daily have conversations with Cutie Face. They crack me up and it isn't until i talk with an adult that I realize i'm not conversing with one already! She's so funny and loves repeating and learning new words (today's word of the day: STUPENDOUS).

I think she's pretty stupendous, herself, even all oatmealy & tired

Cutie Cakes really tries to join in the conversation.

it's sweet! we love her.

Often, i'll send Cutie Face to talk to her while i quickly spot clean or do a fast task.

Today, I sent her into the playroom while i cleaned up the oatmeal. This is what i found when i entered. Sadly, the picture is blurry because I was a tad bit concerned someone was going to get hurt (gee, really?) and couldn't concentrate on the composition...the fact that i actually grabbed the camera and snapped this photo is enough to put me on the "bad mommy" list :)

We very often have conversations in the baby jogger while we run. These moments are where we learn nursery rhymes and all about the sounds of the neighborhood--particularly leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and weed wackers (i never would have thought that my almost 2 year old daughter would know those sounds!).

Today, we were talking and then all of a sudden she became very quiet. Cutie Cakes had already fallen asleep by that point so i peeked in to check on Cutie Face:

She'd taken yet another morning nap (she took one yesterday and we skipped church because of it.  yay/boo). Sadly, this is the only nap she took today--45 minutes--Let's just say it was NOT enough to keep her happy for the rest of the day. Oh well.

Cutie Face took a fall on the playground this morning (we stopped mid-run to keep her entertained). Her tear-stained, snotty-faced (from the fall + tears thankfully not from a cold!), fat-lipped, scrapped-chin was too irresistible.

Cutie Cakes woke up shortly after we arrived home from our run so we hung out in the yard, waiting for her sister to wake up from her nap. The Cakes took the opportunity to discuss her life with her octopus (note the sleeping sister in the background):

She really loves this playmat

they share secrets all the time

sometimes she isn't too sure about them

like, really, Octopus?

oh i get it now, too funny!

oh Mom.

Now, just so you know, she doesn't play favorites--
the new toy gets love, too!

Life got really exciting for us when a new playmate dropped by for a quick visit. I discovered that life with three babes is not that hard when all are fed and napped (when 1 or more is hungry/tired/cranky/etc., though, i can't imagine):

eeee! she's just SOOO cute!

(note the Cakes' expression in the background--she wants to know why another baby is getting attention! doesn't Cutie Face take away enough of it already?!)

Speaking of Cutie Face, she kept the wee ones entertained by:

 frolicking in the pool

and telling them stories:

I loved all our little conversations today!


Jeanne Selep said...

Your children are so cute. I love the expression and eyes in many of the shots. Nice mosaic also.

Southern Belle said...

What a pleasant day. I love the picture of Cutie Cakes drooling in her bumbo. Lil' Incredible is drooling a lot these days too. I think he is teething.