Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GiGi + Cutie Cakes

GiGi came to visit! YAY! 

GiGi is my paternal grandma an she is the famed knitter of the indispensable wonderful yellow blanket that Cutie Face is always toting around...She made Cutie Cakes a gorgeous black and white blanket, too--TWICE (because, if you recall, we lost the first b&w blanket on a run back in March)

Today was the first day that Cutie Cakes met her GiGi:

i was a little worried since the Cakes had been the CRANKS but Gigi had a way with her and made her quite happy!

Yay for the magic Great-Grandma touch!

The pictures of the 2 great-grands were all pretty much outtakes...but worth posting for the posterity of it.

Cutie Face was a bit shy at first but, with the playful help of Poppy,

she warmed right up to her Gigi

Hey! Who's funny?

oh, that's right, Cutie Face is funny (much laughter ensues)

Family photo-op. 6 brown eyes + 2 new blue ones

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