Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Track ★ {star}

After eating half a bag of chocolate chips and crunchy brownie leftovers, i felt like a run was a necessary addition to the day. The more i thought about it, the more i thought, why not actively involve Cutie Face in the run? As in, let her RUN run, too!

The track club that i belong to runs a summer all-comers track meet every Tuesday night. With my women's Bible study every/other Tuesday night, we can obviously only make it those "other" nights. They have tons of events to participate in, even one for Cutie Face--the 50 m dash. 

Since they don't really make track duds for the under-2 crowd, we made a track★ outfit up for her. We went for the all-white clothes + 80's workout sweat headband + pixie pigtails + speedy-mcspeedy-shades look. Whaddaya think?

She was required to sign her own name on the participation form. Those ladies were sticklers (true story. and they got mad that she might steal their pencil. seriously.)

It appears that her new MO is that she needs to warm up to a social setting before she's fully comfortable. But once she's warmed to where we are, she's completely at ease. So, knowing that, we let her just watch the kids running. She really got into cheering them on to the finish:

Once she was ready, man was she ready! 

She instantly met a new friend and they romped in the grass (and even went to the potty together--too cute).

Seriously, they were like instant buds!

So much so that other girls wanted in on the action

Then it got really fun

they were all very intrigued by the sound of the start gun
("what was dat?" "noise?" "i'm afraid of guns."<--good!)

Finally it was time for them to start. Cutie Face was so excited that she false started and ran ahead.

That, unfortunately, was the last time she was really happy tonight. The (very nice) starter, picked her up and carried her back to the starting line. Guess she hadn't warmed up to him quite yet. Which meant she went from shocked to upset to crying very quickly. Poor kid.

I hated that she was traumatized by it because i wanted the track meet to be a positive experience for her. I think everything but the start was, though, so we'll try again in a few weeks...

She did eventually make it to the end of that 50m. 

Next time I'll be at the end waving her security blanket...incentive and comfort at the finish :)


Felicia said...

So cute Allie! I can't believe what sticklers they were though!!

Natalie said...

What a sweetie! That is too cute Allie. Gonna take after her Momma for sure :)