Friday, May 21, 2010

in between the lines

Cutie Face shows her love for others (people and animals alike) throughout the day. She shares with, cares for, helps out, and loves on:

("pat mommy's back", "sleep wid mommy")

Cutie Cakes
(the suggestions she has for me or actions she wishes to perform: 
"burp 'er", "pat 'er back", "burp cloth", "BLANKET!", "passer")

attentively helping by picking up CC's toys, etc.

and the kitties all the time
("feed 'em", "eat cat food", "pat 'er belly","Mags, Church-EE TREAT"). 

Sometimes she gets frustrated. She throws, screams, or kicks (or all three at once!). But, in between the lines, you know that she's just working out life, weighing her options, and analyzing her decisions (right? wrong? yes? no?) in her sweet little head.

Sometimes, though, i think she just misses being the baby (or a baby).

Exclusively potty trained (even at night!) and sleeping in a big-kid toddler bed, it's hard to believe Cutie Face is still 11-weeks shy of being 2.

Meanwhile, the Cakester develops into a budding infant--starting to reach for things and pulling them to her mouth instantly. Forget being occupied by her hands--hello toys!

so proud of her accomplishment

seeking her lost toy

finally! a non-bulky soft toy she can grasp


Kelly said...

I LOVE how you record the way Cutie Face sounds--even reading it is adorable : )

Lauren said...

love this post. :) such sweet girls!

Kathy said...

You three are ALL the absoulute CUTEST!!!