Saturday, May 22, 2010

baby...blues? {or yellow or green or pink}

Today the twin, Mimi (my mom), and I hosted a shower for our long-time friend and neighbor. We're SOOO excited to welcome her little one in July and we can't wait to find out if she'll have a boy or a girl!

Sadly, my camera was on it's last battery bar when I got to the shower, so most of these pictures were quickly snapped so that i could conserve energy and take as many key photos as possible. I am taking the pictures in manual mode, forcing myself to not rely on preset camera modes. It's fun but often results in poor quality photos (as can be evidenced below!)

Bright and cheery--
when it's a gender neutral shower, pale greens and yellow prevail:

  • My mom cookie-cutted (that's not a word, is it? Ash or Kate kindly correct, please :) the fruit! Super impressive. She also made the cute baby rattle sugar cookies. 
  • the Twin made the gorgeous brown polka-dot banner for the new baby's room. So sweet! 
  • And, yes, that is a baby carriage cake with a stunted shade cover and NO handle. I still thought it tasted delicious!

We made birthday month onesies with freezer paper stencils. So fun!

some of the guests, balcony view

Sweet sisters!

...and finally...

The mom-to-be with her sisters and the Gigi/grandma


Katharine Schweitzer said...

What a beautiful shower. Great job, ladies!

I'd say "cookie-cuttered" myself =)

Southern Belle said...

What a beautiful shower, so pretty! The decorations and desserts looked amazing.

Kathy said...

You ladies did SUCH a wondeful job! What a reason to celebrate!

Sorry to ehar that you too are having camera whoes:(

Redesign Diva said...

WOW that looked like so much fun! Thanks for sharing this link


Jeanne Selep said...

Fun blog post. Very beautiful shower decorations.