Sunday, May 23, 2010

Splish Splash Cuties takin' a...Pool

Today was a scorcher (94!!!!). Sadly, that temperature meant it was much too hot for a family walk but that didn't mean we could spend some quality time as a family just relaxing by our kiddie pool! Filled with frigid hose water, we were quite cool!

J thought it'd be fun to let Cutie Cakes test out the water...he claimed she was burning up and needed to cool off. Well, turns out she cooled off a little too quickly for her liking. Poor kiddo!

After she'd recovered,
Cutie Face beckoned the Cakes to come back inside the pool.

Come on in the water's fine {that's what she said}

So in went Cutie Cakes:

the girls had a lot of fun playing together:

Cutie Face loved reading her book

We took the opportunity to celebrate J's last two hours in the US
(he flew out to London today!)

And, for a spectacularly funny way to start your week,
I leave you with Cutie Face:

PS Sorry for the bluish tint to the pictures. Manual mode, again, and i forgot to adjust the color. I'm learning, though, and it's very fun!

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