Monday, May 17, 2010


After the Matilda Jane photo shoot, the cousins ate a quick lunch. It's quite possible that lunch was the highlight of Cutie Face's day--she was so hungry that she was crying for food and then, after she woke from her nap, I asked her about her day and if she'd had fun so far--she told me that she "ate mayg-no". Clearly that was BIG in her mind. 

Of course the eating of food was documented. Seriously this is the best time to take pictures of toddlers--they don't move as fast when they're eating so there's not much blur :)

and then, post-lunch, they found a puddle

the rest, they say, is history:

3 cheers for being young & carefree that simple splashin' is just 


Becca said...

Your kids are the cutest! :-) Jayci always looks like such a little ragamuffin next to your sweet and well-dressed little ones :-) haha

Southern Belle said...

Love the dresses, so pretty! The pictures really capture the moment. Puddles, kids just love em'.

Kim said...

Commenting on all the posts I've missed in the last few days: Don't feel like you overdramatized J being gone! Even with 2 sweet children & family there who make it easier, there is just something missing when your other half is far away! Your girls are so beautiful, the dresses you make for them (so jealous. wish i had the talent) are gorgeous, and the pictures you take are amazing. Every time I read a post I wish I lived closer because I would like to tag along on your fun adventures! Thanks for including me in the beautiful blogger list! And while I was commenting the twins found the cheerios and dumped the whole box on the floor!!

Natalie said...

Love the outfits! Those puddle pictures are just priceless! Luckily it was a clean puddle too which would require a whole lot less clean up!