Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

Thanks to those of you who sent me encouraging notes about J's departure. I did not mean to overdramatize his absence--we're very used to surviving as a family of 3 from sunrise to sunset (BUT note that I used the word "survive" because the world is so much better with a husband & dad in the picture). The girls and I are very grateful for him and his presence in our lives! 

Also, we chose to move to the ATL because my parents and sister (+ her family) live a scant 45 minutes away. So, if I was at my wit's end or needed a break during J's absence, I have many opportunities to seek support or take a break.  We are also very thankful for all that family and friend support!

Okay! Back to our day!

We started with breakfast at the Parish Market. We forgot it opened at 8 so we encouraged Cutie Face to dance around in her new dress (i'm on a sewing kick!) to pass the time....

I LOVE the way they decorate their store--so fun and creative.

After a nice family walk, we headed home to pack and go up to the 'burbs for a gorgeous baby shower for a neighborhood to come soon...

Then we drove like mad to get back home and get J ready to fly to Singapore. It felt like we were rushing and getting everything done in an efficient manner but somehow we were even more rushed when we went out the door--J had to be at the airport in 15 minutes and we still had to stop at the ATM!

Thankfully, he made it on time, and life with me and the Cuties began again. The girls were great for the most part--Cutie Cakes has decided that cartrips are no longer for her so she was a little cranktastic but what can you do? She'll grow out of it...right?

Cutie Face hit the pillow for an 1.5 hour nap when we got home--HOW NICE that was! Upon awaking, she had a quick dinner and we were out the door yet again to meet some new friends at Centennial Olympic Park.

We're very excited to have the privilege of hanging out with a great 7-year old who lives in the heart of Atlanta. More on that later, too...for now, here's a quick iPhone picture of our evening. 

Cutie Face totally dug being able to interact with older kids and run around on a performing stage, eat watermelon, and play (eat?) bubbles.  And, besides spitting up all of her meal, Cutie Cakes was a dream--happy, gurggly and didn't start crying until we got back in the car (of course! we now expect nothing less :)

What a great way to end the day! Of course, the day didn't end until 9:58 when I officially walked down the stairs after finally laying both girls's hoping for a decent lie-in from both of them!

PS If I owe you an email or comment response...i'm getting to it! i promise! i've just been a royal slacker on the email department. Call it old fashioned but all of a sudden i'd rather call people on the phone--it's so much faster :)


Southern Belle said...

Looks like you had a whirlwind, fun-filled day! Lil' Miracle isn't a big fan of car drives either. Its my hope that by the time we move on he'll appreciate long car trips. Well I can dream right? = )

Hope your had a good Sunday!

Southern Belle said...

Just wanted to let you know you have an award on my blog. = )

Becca said...

Love the pic you grabbed at our picnic - I am SO glad you were able to come -- sorry it was chaotic (but then, it usually is when the kiddos are around!) :-)

TMM said...

That dress is SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! I'll bet you loved that sewing class! :)

Mandy said...

I love that dress! Do you happen to know the brand and pattern number?