Sunday, May 16, 2010

gee thanks :)

Christine from Southern Belle Dreaming gave me the "Gorgeous Blogger" award today. Thank you Christine!

I am supposed to list 10 things about myself, 5 additional things I don't like and then pass along the award to 10 bloggers.

Things about me:

1. I have an incredible family. i, of course, think very highly of my immediate family but what i'm referring to here is my extended family--parents, twin, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins--wow, we're so blessed to have them in our lives! 

2. Because i love our extended big family so much i would love a "big" family--at least 4, maybe 5 kids? 

3. i love to run. it keeps me sane. sadly i've been slacking on the running because...

4. i now love to sew. i've taken on a new project the past three weeks (skirt, sun hat, dress) and have three projects in the works.

5. I'm obsessed with eating candy corn. in fact, i just bought a bag today and it's half way gone. sick and scrumptious at the same time.

6. like Christine, i'd love to become more serious about my photography. 

7. I think cloth diapering is fun, babywearing is a lifesaver, growing our own veggies is delicious, and running (not driving) to do our errands is invigorating. I never thought i'd be so hippy crunchy :)

8. I went to an incredible private liberal arts college and often think i didn't take proper advantage of it and it's classes, teachers, learning opportunities, etc. If i could go back and do it again, i think i'd do a few things differently. 

9. I owe my parents more than they can know. If the Cuties are raised half as well as the twin and i were, well, then, we'd be blessed. I never knew how much they loved us, taught us, and trained us until Cutie Face was born. The Lee Greenwood song "I Owe You" is very fitting.

10. It turns out i have a lot more things to say but i don't know what to pick. So i'll just say that I am more of a sinner than i know but am saved by a God who is more compassionate and full of grace than I can imagine. And I can love and serve Him boldly and unashamedly because of His great love and sacrifice. May I remember that!

5 things I don't like

1. I really don't like falling short of my own expectations. But it happens so much that i'm getting used to it :)

2. I don't like assumptions. I like coming up with lots of alternative reasons why...

3. i don't like having to come up with this list. it's a lot harder than you'd think!

4. I DETEST cockroaches in the worst way. HATE and ABHOR

5. I really don't like awkward moments--especially on TV shows like the Office and that Larry David show (blanking on the name). UGH. i have to walk out of the room when something awkward happens. Just like in Napoleon Dynamite. yuck.

10 Bloggers who are gorgeous themselves
in alphabetical order...because i like to be fair

***Claim or Don't Claim: I won't be offended!***
  1. Obviously my twin
  2. Becca from The Stanley Clan
  3. Becky from Life with Kaishon 
  4. Kathy from Having a Hallelujah Good Time
  5. Kelly from Our Lincoln Log
  6. Kelly from Hamilton Happenings
  7. Kim from Mind your Millers
  8. Kristin from The Morgans
  9. Sandy from Tales of a Golf Gal
  10. Summer from the Bartlett Family


Sjn said...

gee thanks to you too Allie!
I love your gorgeous photography and stories about the girls.

Southern Belle said...

Loved reading your list. Just curious, what is your favorite baby carrier/wrap? There are a lot of things I never thought I would get into either, but being a mommy changes everything. Cloth diapering being one of them. Have to admit though I have been slacking on it as my sister in law keeps giving me diapers for free. Once we are in our own place I plan to start cloth diapering again.


Kelly said...

A (very belated) thank you for the sweet award! I do indeed plan to claim it, because I think I list is just the thing to sneak my way back into blogging more regularly. I am going to try and channel some of your blogging motivation here in Texas... : )