Sunday, May 16, 2010


i don't have much to show for myselft today yet i blog because J requested it.

And who am I to deny my spouse and father to my children photos of our {mundane} day?

Like every Sunday these past four weeks, I've run downstairs and outside to see if our Sunday paper arrived. I LOVE the Sunday paper. I like the coupons, i like the adverts, I like the home&garden section and the Parade magazine...really, i like it all. 

Back when we had ZERO Cuties {and, therefore, all the time in the world} I made it a point to read EVERY page of the paper--or at least something on that page if it was a classified page, etc.

Regardless, we decided to get the Sunday subscription. But it never came. And never came. And never came. Despite three calls to our {not so with-it} paper, we couldn't get a paper delivered if we paid for it (oh wait, we did). Finally, i sent an ultimatum email to them and it got their attention--because right in the middle of our clover-lined path sat a newspaper this morning! 

I almost took a picture but i was 1) embarrassed by all the clover and 2) too excited to get my camera--i wanted that paper NOW

Cutie Face was introduced to the world of comics. She wasn't too sure about them but we made it into a fun little game of "I Spy" (or, in the Cutie world, "I see Whaz DAT?")

Then we did some mommy-daughter bonding in the bathroom--showering, hair-doing, etc--before the Cakes woke up...which she actually didn't do on her own--i failed to see what time it was so Cutie Cakes was awoken and placed immediately in the stroller--a diaper and outfit change could be done later! I'm still so pleased that we made it to church despite our extremely late bedtimes last night. YAY for being fed and enjoying fellowship!

Post-church was lunch, cleanup, nap for Cutie Face and 1-on-1 time with Cutie Cakes. I had tall plans of going for a run to a playground or grocery store, or something but being tied to a nursing babe certainly puts the kibosh on a lot of those plans. Bummer. We did make it to Staples to pick up my Bible study print-out (Galatians as studied by Tim Keller) and then we headed to the playground and the grocery store. 

So the whole day wasn't a wash it was just...lackluster...

{Sadly, Churchill's day was not lackluster--he was toddler-handled by our curious and lovingly doting Cutie Face:...}

Wannta sleeph nexta ChurchEE

he's purrEN.Yeh. PurrEN

Hold Him. Hold Him.

{mom drops camera & phone, rescues cat}

And yes, the Cuties DO wear clothes--just not while eating (we'd just finished snack and hadn't put the outfit back on...)

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TMM said...'s so sweet that you're blogging for J :) I don't think H even looks at mine, haha! I too LOVE the paper. We used to get it for free (it came complimentary with cable) but now we have no cable and no paper. Sadness. Glad you enjoyed it!!! And yes...still no baby.