Monday, May 17, 2010

sisterly L❤VE

Well we more than made up for yesterday's lackluster post. Today's activity warrants THREE separate posts. 

Cutie Face played Peek-a-Boo with Cutie Cakes this morning then delved right into her own rendition of "Head Shoulders Eyes Knees Ears". 


After an eventful mid-morning-early-afternoon trip with cousins (see next posts), we napped (well, of course the Cakes did NOT nap because she sleeps less than any baby i know but whatevs she's happy), we snacked outside.

drank iced coffee for the first time this season (me...not the Cuties!)

 And played peekaboo some more...

and sat around looking cute...or just actively looking

and then we held a general photo shoot. Because the Cuties make good practice subjects. {Most of these photos in this post were shot in manual and I just kept tweaking the settings. Eventually I'll read through my online photography class notes...the class that i never took but at least have the material for...yeah, that one.} So get ready for a deluge of photos:


i think she's trying to figure her sister out...which i still can't do...

these curls crack me up.

And for my ultimate favorite of the day:

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