Tuesday, June 1, 2010

da big POOOOOL

in the words of Cutie Face, we visited "da big POOOOOL" today for the first time this season! 

I was a bit nervous about doing it with two kids but I was inspired by some moms I saw at the pool last year--they wore their new babes in their Moby wraps and had their arms free to play with their older tots.

i also bought a swim training vest for Cutie Face just for some added (though not much!) buoyancy. While clearly not a life-saving device, it brought me some comfort to know she had a little bit more support.

Taking pictures while wearing Cutie Cakes, balancing a camera, and watching the rambunctious Cutie Face was not feasible (though not for lack of trying!) so i only have snapshots of the kiddo playing in the sprinklers...which she loved...and cried for when we left i dragged her away.

She is such a social bee when she's comfortable and man did she ever light up when a sweet girl offered to play with her!

first they hugged

then they danced!

oh how fun!

we couldn't neglect our old standby pool, though! 
Cutie Cakes was glad we didn't--she loves chilling in the kiddie pool

Mags thought about joining us in the pool, too...

but Cutie Face scared her away by declaring "i go get 'er"

while the kiddie pool definitely is fun, 
Cutie Face keeps talking about "da big POOOOL" so I know we'll be back soon!

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Natalie said...

So cute! Love those glasses shots too! What a doll!