Wednesday, June 2, 2010

watcha wanna do?

Hey Cutie Face!

Hey Cutie Cakes!

watcha wanna do today?

You don't know? I about


(checking out the "'mingos"--flamingos)

 at music class she learned to put her arms behind her back like flamingo wings

one day we'll have Cutie Cakes put her face through a hole, too

we took a page from the otters & ran home--straight into the pool

seriously--we only stopped to take off clothes!

^definitely my favorite photos of the day!˅

PS Cutie Cakes is now sleeping 11 & 12 hours at night! We think it might be because she adopted her sister's habit of thumb sucking...and we couldn't be more pleased!


Southern Belle said...

Fun day, fun pictures! Love the sunglasses.

BTW, that's awesome that Cutie Cakes is sleeping through the night! So far, Lil' Miracle only sleeps four hours at the most before waking up.


Kim said...

The Cuties live up to their name! They are so cute I almost can't stand it. And the sunglasses! Love them :)