Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Day Daddy Came Back

…the day daddy came back was a B-U-S-Y one!

We started the day with a super early wake-up time (pre 6 AM? In the summer? Oh yeah, my babes rock that hour).

Since no one wanted to go down for an early nap, away on a looong run (a 10.4 mile jaunt roundtrip)  we went—all the way into town to find a playground. 

Cutie Face met some other cuties who were pros at the BIG slide…and she decided she could do it, too. Once she was up high, though, it took about 15 minutes of convincing to get her to go down that slide…check out the thought process: did i get to the top of this slide?

yikes..this might be the only way down. uh-oh

ha ha i laugh in the face of danger...or scream...really loudly.

Finally, we were on our way back home (not without two stops to see “neigh neighs” and one stop to meet some chickens, an emu, and a pony).

Remarkably, the bambinas took naps from 2:30 until 5 (oh my!), giving me plenty of time to get ready for our picnic at Baw Beese lake.

the picnic was delightful

until it was interrupted by music...

wats dat noise? The Ice Cream Truck!

since it was: 
  • a picnic
  • summer
  • the end of a long rewarding day
i decided that we could celebrate with Cutie Face's first trip to the Ice Cream Truck.

I desperately wanted to capture the moment she received her "ice cream" (ie orange popsicle) from the ice cream lady but she wussed out on me and started crying. Yeah. That's my girl! 

Instead, I settled for a picture of her holding her precious prize. Then she told me "It's COOOOOLLLLD" (the way she says it is hilarious that i even say "cold" like her now!)

Delicious. Since it was a twin pop, i got one, too! bonus!

Baw Beese Lake has this awesome 1970’s playground that we've always loved. I couldn’t wait to get Cutie Face on the apparti. 

She was, of course, too small for many of the old school playground equipment but we enjoyed the “spinny things”. 

Cutie Cakes had to be represented so I asked Cutie Face to hold her...she was a bit too preoccupied with "the messies"

but finally held her protectively

She is such a little poser!

she is also becoming more daring and trying things on her own. YAY for that. 

Climbing is one of her favorite pastimes and this was a great park to practice!

We finally went home and took baths in the sink

Cutie Face had to take one, too, since she was still sticky from the orange pop!

The girls finally fell asleep around 9:15 (how it got that late i'll never know) just for me to turn around and wake them up--we had a train to catch! J came in on the 11:15 PM train into Jackson so off we went to fetch him. I sooooo wish I had my camera with me then because the train station is a gorgeous relic of the 1800s. Next time, though! For now, I was just happy to get him back home! Phew what a day.

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Natalie said...

I am in love at first sight with those hats! and those cuties!!