Friday, June 18, 2010

Making New Friends through Old Friends

I've been dragging my feet writing this post because this post is about THE Millers. You know, the cool ones. The ones who are hilarious. The ones who are just such great friends. The ones who I want to feel honored by reading this post. You know. So i wanted to make it funny...maybe a little sentimental, too, but mostly witty. Something that said, "We love and appreciate and value the friendship we have with THE Millers."


I'm afraid i can't live up to the pressure. 

So here's a non-witty non-sappy recap of our quality time together!

To start: the twins are adorable. 
So cute that Cutie Face had to hide her face--she couldn't compete!

even Cutie Cakes was amazed by their cuteness
and couldn't take her eyes off them

The twins are 7-months younger than Cutie Face and almost 1-year older than Cutie Cakes. They are very expressive and funny and love to play. For 8 straight hours, we lunched, snacked, napped, walked, and played (at another playground!) together--it was wonderful to have that much time with them!

We are so thrilled that they moved to Michigan for numerous reasons (a great church to lead, they're closer to their families, etc.) but the best (in our humble opinion) is that now we'll get to see them at least twice a year when we go to MI! yay!

the reverend pastor himself

no...he's not proud of having his name on a sign or anything...

Me and sweet Allie 
(thanks Kim for this photo--i can't believe one actually turned out!)

a disaster of a timed-photo as we had meltdowns all around

but whatevs, we're parents now & we can take it. It's the new norm

Following our visit with our buds, we went home to pack and clean (though Moms, if you're reading this, we didn't get all that we hoped to accomplish done so please don't expect much if anything at all!). 

We were hit with a crazy huge thunderstorm with near-tornado-strong winds. It really was crazy. Michigan really wanted us to go out with a bang! 


Hack said...

whoa. wacky. in a good way.

Kim said...

Aw, we DO feel honored, appreciated, and valued. And who needs to be witty when you have fun pictures of the kiddos? We had such a great time, and consider regular visits from you a HUGE bonus to moving to this area too! We love you guys.