Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wedding Bells!

A good friend of mine from college (who was also in my wedding!) got married last weekend. One of the main reasons we ventured on our very long roadtrip was to attend this wedding and we were so glad that Saturday had finally arrived.

Unfortunately, it arrived a bit too early for us as this is what we saw when we got to the church--oh yes, the flower girls were already lined up and ready to walk down the aisle. Oops. LATE. Not good.

BUT we did get a sneak peek of the beautiful bride and that was really fun!

Rolling out the white aisle runner

here comes the bride!

married and blissful!

watching the receiving line from afar...
we couldn't wait to talk to her in person--it'd been too long!

one of my "sisters" (sorority style) held Sweet Pea for a bit at the reception

*can you believe the twin made this adorable romper? talk about talented!*

Listening to the Maid of Honor's speech

it was priceless

and it was funny!

Side note: Cutie Face had the privilege of meeting her
and is STILL talking about "Miss Megan"

the cake before the cut

and the cut

turns out this reception event was a huge draw:

Unfortunately, we failed to get a great picture of the four of us sorority sisters

but these are our best (and only) attempts

it was so wonderful to witness this wedding and share it with friends!

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