Sunday, June 20, 2010

Water Babes!

If there was one prevailing theme to our looong road trip I'd say it was FRIENDS (as in, getting back together with family and friends and just spending quality time with each other).

 If there were two themes I'd say it was friends and WATER

It seriously felt like everywhere we turned we were wading in a pool, splashing in some fountains, or swimming in a lake.

The last three days we were in Michigan and Ohio, we went swimming in Grandma's lake, splashing in Cuyahoga Falls fountains, and swimming in the hotel's BIG POOOOOOOLLLLLL!

and here is all of that in pictures:

the last half of Friday we spent with J in the lake.

the girls loved bonding with their daddy

they are just so sweet together!

Cutie Cakes really enjoyed her time in the pool...
she floated around by herself for a long time and got a huge kick out of it

Then we traveled to Cuyahoga Falls where there guessed it...Falls

they also had fountains that Cutie Face loved playing in
*note that she is wearing her new outfit from The Millers*

Cutie Cakes watched from the shade

and the twin and Sweet Pea enjoyed the water, too!

The hotel we stayed in had an awesome indoor pool that overlooked the Falls. Cutie Face was a bit unsure about it at first...

but before we knew it she was having a spectacularly fun time!

and she was becoming a pro swimmer ( relative terms)

but at least she was loving it!

practice makes perfect!

jumping in one last time before we hit the road for our final trip...



Courtney said...

Looks like you have two water babies on your hands. Lots of fun places to swim and play in the water.

Kim said...

I love all the water fun :) We should have pulled out our beach ball sprinkler while you were here to have given you another form of water fun :) Glad you're already getting use out of the outfit! Lucas is proud of his pick :)