Monday, June 28, 2010

Driving Miss CRAZY

this kid is on a mission

she's a mile a minute and a FUN spitfire to boot

Cutie Cakes and i cannot keep up!

i, however, can keep up with this cute bumbo-sitting kiddo

...the one who is always looking for & continuously entertained by her sister

or, as Cutie Face says, "Dis is mah SYStaH"

sometimes, though, dis SYStaH needs to be held and loved on

but don't forget to ensure that she can still look out and see her sister!

who, by now, was filling in my Bible Study for me (thanks sweetie)


In order to play outside we MUST have this on hand at all times

For some reason these Atlanta bugs think that the Cuties are sweet...hmm

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I hope I'm not the 100th person to ask you this question, but where do you get little cutie's headbands? I've made several for my daughter, but just love yours!