Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Playgrounds and Pools

in case it isn't apparent, we love Playgrounds

it's been so hot in HOTlanta that we keep the fluids coming

any left? sadly "da fountain not workin'" so we couldn't refill

still feeling sick, Cutie Face took to the playground calmly

but did manage to eek out an "Itsy Bitsy Spider" rendition for the Cakester

following the hot trip to the playground, we cooled off in the pool

(self timer photo! after reading this post, i've been inspired to take pictures 
of what our life looks like with all THREE of us every week)

Cutie Cakes desperately sought her teething keys. 
Hopefully she won't legitimately need teething toys for a while...

random outtake that cracks me up

Cutie Face really enjoyed more quiet time with her dolls

i hate that she's sick but it really is nice to have her a little more...calm

PS to family who gets these updates via email--i'm backdating all of these posts so this is technically a post from June 8! Sorry for inundating your inbox but i hope you enjoyed all the photos and updates!

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