Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Pea is baptized

Sadly, we missed the most important part of the day (Sweet Pea being baptized) but we still made it to the twin's house to celebrate her officially being declared a "child of the Covenant". 

{side note: Growing up half my life in the same PCA church, I've grown to love the way our home pastor says the name of the child being baptized and then stating, "Child of the Covenant". How powerful! every time i think of that phrase, I hear his voice in the back of my head and i smile. and, after searching for a good explanation on child baptism, i found this interesting article/book review on the subject. }

Anyway. Totally off subject.

While we made it to the party we, ironically, never saw Sweet Pea at her house! We did, however, see lots of bubbles 


we got to see Uncle Joe and Aunt Melissa again. Steph--your dad is totally prepared to be the best grandpa! Lil' Miss and Cutie Cakes were both smitten by him. It was so sweet and very endearing.

Cutie Face is unfortunately quite sick (fever, congested cough, sad sickly little eyes, etc.) so we tried to keep her away from the other kids--which wasn't too hard because she wasn't her usual go-get-'em self.

No worries, though, because Lil' Miss and her buds kept us entertained!

she is so sweet!

i've seen proof of this before but 
i am continually amazed by how differently girls play than boys. 

They're just a little more...grounded...

*case in point--yesterday, we were at a playground and were watching two brothers hang on the monkey bars. All of a sudden, one of the boys got the genius idea of climbing through the monkey bars. He literally crammed his body into the triangular shaped monkey bar and wiggled all the way through the dozen bars. Would a girl think of that? Maybe...but seriously. crazy.*

Anyway, this post is not about how kids play but about Sweet Pea's baptism. 
We rejoice with the twin and her family in the baptism of their sweet daughter!

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