Friday, July 30, 2010

Bed Heads

Cutie Face has been the sweetest sister to little Cakes. 

So sweet

She wants to share everything (except for the potty--bizarre--when i put Cutie Cakes on the babybjorn little potty, Cutie Face starts crying real fat tears! why?), tell her about everything Cutie Cakes is looking at, read her stories, sing her "Jesus loves me" before naptimes, and crawl into her crib when she wakes up.

Oh! it just completely warms my heart.

Today, though, Cutie Face wanted "mah sistah" to "sleepin mah behd" (she seriously has the makings of a southern accent when she says "my" and "sister"). 

She cuddled up with Cutie Cakes and insisted that they both have covers. 

Then she said, "bye bye mama. it's sleepy time". 

She really wanted to have a little slumber party with her--oh! i just love that she has a sister (because i know how awesome and what a true blessing sisters are!)

Someone couldn't get comfortable

and the slumber party went to pot...but it was fun while it lasted!

and...we can't always be cute!


Southern Belle said...

LOL, they both look uncomfortable! = )

Jacqueline said...

This post make me smile!! It is such a sweet sweet post. I love love your little ones! They are really sooo adorable and sweet! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


Mari said...

Hello! I saw you on the Home Ec page and wanted to stop by and say how beautiful your two little ones! I'm excited for the class and to see the wonderful things you'll make for your girls.

xo Marisela