Thursday, July 29, 2010

the cool "zoo"

It's summer. 
It's Atlanta. 
It's H-O-T-T HOT
(the extra "t" added for good measure...or for decide)

Thanks to the Cuties fabulous Grandma, we are proud members of Zoo Atlanta.

Sometimes, though, it's just too hot to visit the zoo animals (and often, those animals find it too hot to be on exhibit and are hiding inside their quarters). 

So what are the Cuties to do when one of them asks to see some animals?


woot woot.

 Can you tell that we're big fans?

We were big fans of the pet store field trip prior to our zoo membership and i reckon we'll be big fans for years to come. I truthfully find no shame in waltzing into a pet store for the Cuties to visit the animals and then walking out without a purchase...though sometimes I do cave and buy our kitties a bag of treats.

Thursday was Cutie Cakes first intentional pet store visit and I think she enjoyed the sounds. She couldn't really see anything because she was facing me in the Ergo. :-o

Cutie Face tried to free some kitties

when that plan didn't work, she entertained them:

I think they loved it. 
Now if only our cats loved it when Cutie Face played with them...

Next up were the birdies.

Cutie Face thought they were all named Pippen, like Grandma's birdie

the Cakester just wasn't sure about them, though

The fish were much more entertaining

but the best "exhibit" of all was the dog grooming station

she could have spent hours watching the dogs get their hair cut. 
It was quite entertaining to say the least :)


Kim said...

I'm so with you! I wanted to take the twins to the pet store last week, but couldn't find we went to the Humane Society instead (after I was reassured that they don't mind people just coming and looking).

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Allie, your little ones are sooo adorable!! I love visiting the zoo and the pet shops too. :) Sounds like a very fun day. It's my first time visiting and your space here is soo adorable. :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

p/s: i found you at our Home EC course. :)