Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rockin' and Rollin'

Cutie Cakes has become quite the roller. 

She learned this skill about two weeks ago 
but since then she's been working on perfecting it

Not even 2 seconds after I snapped this picture did she grab for the pillow and, in one fluid maneuver, turn completely around. 

I can no longer trust this Cutie to stay put.

{who, me?}

The rolling stage is completely new to me--Miss Cutie Face never learned to roll over until after she started crawling...and by then rolling was not cool--if she could crawl, why bother rolling? 

So we're rollin' with it.

In unrelated news, we were given a $37 bottle of baby wash/shampoo to test for a blog review. 
Yup. Thirty-Seven Dollars. 

It's French and it foams

and that's where the Rockin' part comes in:

{party on, dude}


Natalie said...

How was it Momma?
Cute post BTW. Feeling out of touch in the blog world these days. Gotta get caught up. Hope you are all well! XO

Southern Belle said...

For $37 dollars that shampoo had better be amazing!