Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fernbank fun

After a fun-filled 2.5 days at Mimi and Poppy's house, we headed back down to the city, just in time for a little learning action at the local natural history museum.

funny story: when I was in middle school we took a 7th-grade class trip to Fernbank. While waiting to board the vans back to school, all the girls went to the restroom. Post-bathroom break, we waited around in the lobby being goofy middle schoolers. Sadly, it wasn't until we were about to depart that a friend let me know I'd tucked my skirt into my panties. up. That was lovely. And, up until a year or so ago, was the only memory I'd retained from Fernbank! Glad the Cuties and I could make a few new memories today!

Cutie Face wasn't too sure what to think of the three dinosaurs out front...
here she is running away!

Once inside we were met with a larger dinosaur in the atrium:

She felt much more secure with the fossilized skeleton!

checking out the enormity of the dinosaur--HUGE 

our friends that took us to the museum had a quick photo-op in the photo booth. Cutie Face wanted to join them but didn't want to join the Cakester and I in our weekly self-portrait. Oh well :)

The Fernbank is renovating their children's play section but they saved a few items for kids to play with during the renovation process....one was their fun boat...and the other was their scary corn on the wall--isn't that freaky? i thought so.

The last stop was the hands-on exhibit. The toddlers were a little young for most of the (super informative and educational) sections but they found a few that were pretty exciting:



{pressure? i didn't read the informational plaque!}

Once we were out the door, Cutie Face said goodbye to the dinosaurs...this time from a safe distance!

thanks so much for the Fernbank Fun, Miss W & A!

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Lauren said...

This looks like so much fun! This needs to be our next play date, I think. :)