Thursday, July 1, 2010

Christmas in July

Happy 1st day of July!

(or, for those of you reading in real time, it's now the 7th of July but i'm still playing catchup!)

We're frugal in the Cuties Family. I'd say 90% of the clothing I buy the cuties comes from biannual consignment sales. sometimes I'll buy stuff on sale at Gap or Old Navy...and when the package comes from our online purchase, it feels like Christmas! 

Cutie Face's feet have been growing like crazy and she's transitioning from a size 6 to a size 7. So when I saw some adorable tennies on sale and had a 30% off coupon, i couldn't resist!

ooo we just love them!

 she's so hip :)

and so...little big girlish

and you're certainly...

too cool for school!

PS Speaking of new clothing items, Cutie Face is sporting some VERY cute jean capris that Mimi & Poppy bought for her when...Oh! they took her for 24 hours! Did I tell you how blessed we are? I cannot give praises enough.


Becca said...

Those really are so cute - she's adorable! :-)

Southern Belle said...

Cutie Face is so stylish! Love the green shoes.