Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thankful TUESday

back in Monkeys on the Bed! times, I had a weekly Thankful Thursday post. If I still ran that blog, i'd basically only be able to talk about how THANKFUL we are to God that no one is hurt and our house is not damaged...

so...in case you couldn't tell, a tree fell down in front of our house

a little closer view:

what was once up here:

was now knocking on our door--literally resting against our glass door

Around 11:30 PM on Tuesday, I heard what i thought was Cutie Face falling down the stairs. 
Then I saw and heard a loud crackling noise accompanied by lights that resembled fire works. 
And then the power died. 
No lights anywhere for a two-block radius.

Yup, our tree was busted

The whole neighborhood (okay, just those affected by the power loss) came to see what happened. It was kind of like a party--lots of lights, late at night, and the cops showed up. Cutie Face eventually woke up when the lights of the power company trucks and police cruisers kept flashing through her window. We socialized with the neighbors, bummed an awesome flashlight off one of them, and talked to some nice policemen (one of whom has a daughter that owns the exact same princess P-hamas--fancy that!)

finally, two hours later, Cutie Face and I tumbled into bed 
(taken when the lights were still out--the flash was handy!)

By the time Cutie Cakes woke up the next morning 
(a bright and chipper 6 AM)

(the cakes kept me company while i took these photos)

...the power had been restored 
and the treemen (?) were making mulch out of our tree 

i cannot express how pleased (and surprised!) i was by the alacrity of the city

thank you God for placing a hedge of protection around our house
and thank you City of Atlanta for being on the ball!

 But let all who take refuge in you be glad;
       let them ever sing for joy.
       Spread your protection over them,
       that those who love your name may rejoice in you.


TMM said...

I really don't mean to take away from the point of this post, but I seriously love CF's nightgown. I am already praying my next one's a girl (oh, did I just say that?). You guys are so very blessed!

Southern Belle said...

yikes! that was close. i read this and psalms 91 came to mind.