Thursday, July 8, 2010

wha hap-end?

anyone who has spent even 5 minutes around Cutie Face knows her favorite phrase is "What Happened?". She throws it around everywhere and uses it for every situation. 

I mean seriously...all.the.time. 

At first i thought it was fun to think of creative answers to my clearly intelligent child's queries. Now i'm struggling to show her grace when she asks, for the 12th time in 3 minutes, "wha happ-end?"

Well now she's leaving me asking that question--
What Happened to my Cutie Face?

you know, the one who is go-go-go non-stop don't-make-me-sit-i-want-to-run-and-dance. because wherever she went, a sad, sick, quiet, lethargic little girl replaced her:

this morning, in lieu of breakfast, she crawled into Cutie Cake's carseat. And just sat there.

I called the pediatrician, alarmed by her declining spirits (pretty much a basket case all day), her boogery nose, and the low-grade fever plaguing her. 

She called in a prescription for eye drops (i was mortified--1) what would they do to help her aches and ills; 2) how was i going to administer eyedrops by myself???). 

Off we went to the pharmacy. When i got to the pharmacy counter, i turned around and saw that Cutie Face had plopped down--sitting on the floor, not  off exploring. Who? my daughter? oh yes, that's the one!

after getting her in the system, we went in search of a little treat to give her everytime she let me put eyedrops in (she choose disney princess stickers, fyi).  after trudging the aisles, we went back to see if any prescription progress had been made--success, our bag was ready! 

Crazily enough, Cutie Face was NOT (taking a snooze on the waiting bench).

Post pharmacy trip, we headed to the grocery store to get some feel-better foods (applesauce, yogurt, and all-fruit pops). Not even 30 seconds in the door i found this on the floor:

(think the kid is trying to tell me something?)

Cutie Cakes was as shocked as i was!

Sadly, i fear that it won't be long until the Cakester succumbs to the same fate as her sister.
Which is a bummer

Until then, we'll all wonder Wha Hap-End to our Cutie Face and hope she comes back soon!


The Newly Mrs. said...

so sad! i hope she's feeling better soon and that baby sis doesn't get it (or mama, for that matter!).
i cannot believe how striking cutie cakes' eyes are in that last photo!! do you think they'll stay blue?
miss you!

Life With the Crazies said...

wow... that is so sad, and so hard to watch as a momma!