Friday, July 9, 2010

chill-out day

despite the soaring heat, we chilled all day trying to recuperate from our illness. 


All 3 of us are officially in the throes of this bug but i'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Cutie Face is looking and acting soooo much better than yesterday it's just remarkable. 

After a popcorn (+raisins) picnic...

we decided to finally get out of the house...and go to the zoo. Thankfully, the zoo is very shady and there was a great breeze. It was also about to rain which meant there weren't too many people milling around. So despite the heat and threat of rain, it really, it couldn't have been better timed!

The highlight of our visit was experiencing the new exhibit--sun bears, tigers, African turtles, etc. I was too excited about seeing the {gorgeous} tiger and the cool sun bears to stop and take all we have are a few shots from the iPhone:

This turtle was so excited to see a human that it literally looked like it was running over to greet us--i think it just wanted food!

Cutie Face enjoyed petting the sheep (and there were even some pigs in the petting zoo today--we'd never seen them there before!)

and Cutie Cakes enjoyed watching.

J came home LATE (10:40 PM) but we were so excited to have him come home that Cutie Face couldn't sleep (she hasn't figured out that sleeping is key to getting healthy). it made for an interesting and slightly delirious night but we survived and it's the weekend!

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