Saturday, July 10, 2010

Super Smoothie for a Super Sick-o

We're feeling better...but not great...

since us sickos haven't had much of an appetite as of late, 
we whipped up a super green antioxidant smoothie
consisting of:

hey poor little sicko

here's hoping that this concoction of goodness helps you feel better!

it sure went down easily!

here's to your health Cutie Face!


Becca said...

aw poor thing! Hope she feels all the way better soon!

Dena said...

Yum :) Hope she feels better very soon!!

TMM said...

Poor CF! that Budweiser should help ;)

Zek's Mom said...

Hey Alli- I don't know if you remember me from Hope- Elisa Mabus but I just have to tell you I enjoy your blog for lots of reasons- you are a mom obviously- you love to blog so do I - you love to run- love the Lord and so on- just had to tell you thanks for sharing your life with us! And your family is beautiful!!!!