Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 out of 6

5 out of 6...?

5 out of 6 ears in this household are infected.

That's right.

Both Cuties have DOUBLE ear infections while i have just one (though i also have a ruptured eardrum so it feels crazy yucky--i'm just glad we caught the girls' infections before theirs ruptured)

Basically that means that nothing is getting done around here. We're pretty much useless, very aimless, completely listless BUT everyone is in G-R-E-A-T spirits.

Last night, my eardrum ruptured. It was nasty. It hurt worse than childbirth (i kid you not). Thankfully, with the rupture, a lot of pressure was relieved which meant i was able to get up and take the kids to the Minute Clinic at our local CVS. 

Cutie Face's energy was soooo different the last time we were there (when she tried to take a nap on their waiting bench). 

Even two nights ago she was so sick that she slept on J's chest--
soooo sweet:

Anyway--back to today--

She was doing dances, singing, entertaining patients and pharmacists, and being her normal Cutie Face self

We took a family photo to show the Facebook world what we were up to:

After a short wait, we met Dorcas the friendly physician's assistant. She was so great with the girls--Cutie Face warmed up to her right away and wasn't afraid of what Dorcas was doing to my ear/throat/nose. It was very good practice for what would come later that afternoon at her doctor's appointment.

With an official diagnosis of a Ruptured Eardrum + Ear Infection (other ear + nose + throat looked a-okay), we waited for my prescription. Cutie Face tried to wait it out in the massage chair but it was busted.

Finally we were home but Cutie Face wanted to play with Baby Emily and pretend to take her to the doctor:

come on Baby Emily, let's go...

Baby Emily never quite made it to the doctor but the Cuties and I made it to their doctor later that afternoon. They were all so happy that I thought we'd just get a quick checkup and be on our merry way.

Cutie Face was measured on the "Big Kid" height wall (or whatever it's called)--sadly, i didn't whip my phone out in time to take a picture but she really LOVED standing up straight and getting measured. It was cute. She also really loved getting to stand on the stickers and be weighed (phone finally out in time to take a pic):

She measured 37.5" (!) and weighed 29 lbs (!) She's a big kid!

They only took Cutie Cakes weight (15.1 lbs) but i think she's averaging a lot smaller than her older sister.

Just look at this happy kiddo:

Cutie Face passed the wait for the doctor by learning how to count with an abacus (yay for learning even while at the doctor's office!)

The doctor finally came in to check on them--given their sweet dispositions, I thought it would be impossible for either of them to have an ear infection.

Man was I wrong. DOUBLE ear infections for both of them. Geez Louise i get the "bad mother" award for that one. Poor Cuties! (here's their expression following their diagnoses:)

Back to the CVS pharamcy for the third time this week...Cutie Face typed away while insurance + prescriptions + pharmacy logistics got worked out. We didn't mind the wait, though--there was a HUGE thunderstorm raging outside!

Let it be known, folks, that Cutie Face is loving the doctor these days. Being exposed to them lately has made her more confident around them. 

For example:
  • Cutie Face SAT on her doctor's lap while she was typing out her prescription. Seriously!
  • Cutie Face affectionately "petted" her doctor's leg because she liked the skirt she was wearing (a little weird, i'll admit)
  • Cutie Face ran up to "my" doctor at the Minute Clinic and did a little song and dance for her and then carried on a conversation about the "BIG STORM" that "wuz comin'" complete with "babaBOOM thunder" (it was hilarious to see her interact with PA Dorcas that way and I think Dorcas got a big kick out of it).

So, if anything, these days of sickness are helping make the doctor less scary (the stickers might help, too).

PS posted a day late as i chose bed over blogging...so please excuse this post if it rambles, doesn't make sense, or repeats itself!


Katharine Schweitzer said...

Oh no about your ruptured eardrum! Healing thoughts being sent your way =)

Krissy said...

SUCH CUTE PICTURES!!! I'm sorry about your ear drum! I had a ruptured one when I was a kid and while I don't remember how much it hurt, I was told I screamed like crazy when I was a kid. :(