Wednesday, July 14, 2010

if you eat your veggies...'ll get ice cream*!

*where "ice cream" is the all-natural ingredient 25 calorie/ounce pro-biotic yogurt 
from the newest yogurt shop to grace our 'hood

Yoreka! it's yogurt!

and it's good!

Cutie Face had a very lackluster appetite the last week or so due to the ear infection + other lovely sicknesses. So for her to finally eat all of her veggies again called for a special treat.

She talked about "eat ice cream" ALLLLL day and could not wait to devour her sweet potatoes, avocado, peas, and broccoli. 

We were supposed to share the yogurt bowl...

but this kid kept shoveling in bite after bite without a frozen-headache hesitation.

I think she was very afraid that Cutie Cakes would eat her yogurt...

which wouldn't be fair, of course, since Cutie Cakes did not eat veggies

(hands off Cutie Cakes!)

The best part of the whole yogurt adventure occurred on the way home. We were talking about the yogurt (of course--it was THE topic of the day) and the various flavors we ate--mango, plain, and blueberry. 

I asked Cutie Face which one was her favorite:



In an attempt to clarify, i said, "The blueberry was blue, the 'vanilla' was white, and the mango was orange. Which color yogurt was your favorite? Do you remember?"


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TMM said...

haha hilarious! Speaking of pink (and I know I'm so weird) but LOVE the wallet! Did you get that from Etsy? :) SO glad she's feeling better but hope the rest of you get well soon!