Thursday, July 15, 2010

Music Crafts

Today, we got a little restless. So we turned our restlessness into productivity--we made two (very crude) musical instruments.

And then all that restlessness was banged out on the "drum"... 

(it seems that my addiction to Trader Joe's jumbo can of French Roast comes in handy--that, some spare yarn, and a little free hand toddler drawing are all you need to make this drum)

...and even more so on the shaker. 

So much so that the shaker exploded. 

Look at the thoughtful Cutie Face, though--she immediately said "I pick it up" and got to work on her hands and knees, no suggestions needed. I was impressed!

Meanwhile, Cutie Cakes enjoyed boogying to the music:

it was a foot-tapping-door-jumping good time

(eeek! i need to sweep!)

next up was a musical rock on our musical rocker (the antennae play music)

Dinner time finally rolled around--Music to my Ears
(a time of day that most mothers come to love--children being fed = mouths being occupied!)

post-dinner left me with two sedated kiddos

that is, until J called--he was finally coming home!

the girls and i were ecstatic

we haven't seen him since Sunday--
(ie, no J even before the 5 ear-infection diagnoses)

It was soooo good to have him home

(and not just because he helped give the girls their baths and read them stories)

life is just so much better as a family of four


Mackenzie said...

Too cute!!

Kathy said...

Who can even see your floor with those INCREDIBLE little legs dangling there all squeezable and cute!!

Hope you're feeling a little better:)

Morgan said...

Hi, I found your blog from the Home Ec blog. So cute! And, your kids are adorable. What great photos!

Steph said...

Stopping by from the Home Ec blog! You have a beautiful blog and even more beautiful family!