Friday, August 13, 2010

Falling Water Baby

We're here

That phrase may seem like a small, inconsequential thing to you but to 2 tired twins, each mommies to 2 (very) tired girls aged 2 and under, it is HUGE

3 (or was it 4?) stops and 12 hours later (in what usually is a 9-hour car ride) we arrived, sweaty, exhausted, and smelling like pee (well, not us but one daughter...ahem...Cutie Face...and the whole van).

We were thrilled! 

We cannot praise God enough for His hedge of protection, safety and saneness around us.

To celebrate, we went swimming twice...
and Cutie Cakes seemed to love it the most. 

Side Note: When Big C was 6-months old (February '09) she went to Florida with us and we taught her how to "jump" in:

so we couldn't deny Cutie Cakes

She was an instant pro and wiggled her little bum right off the side into my waiting arms.

the twin captured it all on video after she'd been at it for 5 minutes or so. 

priceless! Hopefully we'll get some better close-ups of her HUGE grin tomorrow!


Southern Belle said...

Brave girl, but than again she knows she's safe and protected in your arms. Your blog is like a scrapbook, its full of memories that one day you will be able to share with your sweet girls. Have you seen the ad that says it can turn a blog into a book? I think that would be so neat!

Kelly said...

Lincoln LOVED this video! He has now asked to watch it at least 5 times. He says "whoosh!" when she falls in :) Glad you made it, enjoy your trip!