Sunday, August 22, 2010

we ❤ our GiGi

We've had lots of wonderful family time this summer. We are SO grateful to have close family ties on both sides.

Future posts will portray LOTS and LOTS of pictures of family members. One family member that won't be seen by face is the Cuties' GiGi (Great Grandma). BUT she is represented in all the pictures that include blankets.

GiGi--we love you and wish we lived closer to you so that we can share life. But please know that you are remembered daily (if not hourly) because of the blankets that the Cuties tote everywhere. Your love literally wraps them up at every nap and bedtime and anytime that they are sad, the blanket comes out to comfort them. 

And even when there aren't pictures of blankets, GiGi's resemblance can be seen in Poppy's face, my face, and Cutie Face's face:

Is it me or do the three of us have the same profile?

We love you, GiGi and hope to see you soon!

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Lauren said...

Prrrrrecious. :) What a sweet post.