Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chattanooga chooCHOO!

the first weekend in October (oh, yes, more than a month ago), we went to Chattanooga. It was so much fun that I had to post, no matter how late! 

Sadly, i forgot my camera. Thankfully, my fantastic father-in-law is a professional photographer.

Our days away from home (and at home, for that matter) always start out super early. When we are on the road, though, we need to get out of the house and avoid waking others too early--so away we went! 

We found a butterfly bench which provided oodles (5 minutes) of entertainment

we put a slightly concerned Cutie Cakes in the Whole Foods punken patch

and then Cutie Face decided to join her for a sisterly photo-op

Cutie Cakes really couldn't get enough of the pumpkins

it was still early, so we visited Rembrandt's and the sculpture garden

 The Cuties were content to check out the sights


the glass bridge was particularly nifty

what was the most cool, though, was the hot air balloon festival

It was very impressive

 and great daddy-daughter bonding time

It also made for great scenic backdrops

 The park with the balloons also had "instruments"
playable with a handy stick

late breakfast made by Gramps is always a special treat
especially when it is pancakes

it seemed like this was the weekend of festivals
We found a great one complete with bouncy castle

 a firetruck,

 and a chalkboard car 
(what? you don't have one of these at your festivals?)

so much fun!

Pumpkin decorating and popsicle eating rounded out the day

and pretty much wore out the Cuties

It was a great fall family weekend, 
made perfect by spending time with Gramps and Jen-Gram!

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