Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 Tutorials by 2 Cuties...on Tuesday

Cutie Face would like to teach you...
how to lure a cat

1. See neighbor's cat lurking in yard

2. Fetch treats

3. Place one gently on the porch

4. Add a TON more

5. Make a friend for long as you have treats

no lie--this cat and her "brother" can now be found in our yard more often than their yard--and we even had the brother cat sneak into our house through our screen door and hang out under our guest bed for about an hour! Seriously! We call it the cat bed intruder.

and Cutie Cakes would like to teach you...
how to make a bagel disappear

1. Take said it to the world

2.  put it in your mouth

3. wave it around again

4. Inspect it while keeping one eye on it

5. Have your mom inspect it while waving it around, one more time for good measure

6. Consume

7. Finish off with copious amounts of water

don't forget to come back to see us! The Cakes has her eye on you...


Emily said...

bed intruder!!! HIDE YO KIDS :)

Emily said...

hahahaha.. cat bed intruder!! hide yo kids, hide yo treats!

Kelly said...

Way to bring back tutorial tuesday! my motivation is sadly still lacking. but, i will do my best this week to try feeding our neighbor's cat and eating a bagel. or maybe 2 bagels. i'd hate to get it wrong the first time....;)