Saturday, October 30, 2010

a quartet of crafters

Cutie Face's preschool holds an annual Fall Fling with tons of games, crafts, and activities. They also host an artisan market. Tempted by the low-entry cost, the twin, our mom, and I all decided to rent a table.

As you may recall, the twin set the precedent a year ago when she opened her first Etsy store. I was shocked to find my mom and i following in her footsteps--I don't think either of us expected to be inspired to create and sell!

My mom made adorably cute bracelets for babies and girls. Our girls LOVE them and I really cannot believe how sweet jewelry looks on their little wrists.

Here are a few glimpses into her jewelry making process:

My sister stayed up to the wee hours of the morning multiple nights in a row crafting FORTY  (yes! 40!!!) beautiful pieces of clothing for girls and boys 

(most of which can be found on her etsy store, chickadee chickadee).

And i decided to start sewing on Wednesday to make 10 upcycled dresses made from old (and clean) t-shirts. 

ALL of which can be found on my new etsy store!

now you may have noticed that this post title uses the word "quartet". Who is the missing fourth crafter?

that would be...

my husband...

who busted out my parents' saw
and made us...

our artisan booth!
complete with festive seasonal flair

My sister made the first the booth across from us! 
She sold a headband:

from one of these cute flowers

All in all, the craft part of the Fall Fling was a B-U-S-T. 
But that's okay. 
It was a learning experience that forced me to craft. 
And I liked that!


Kelly said...

I am still so impressed with the handmade booth! It looks amazing with all the colorful dresses and jewelry. Great job!!

Kim said...

I kept wondering who put the booth together. What a crafty family! I'm so excited that you have an etsy store I will have to add it to Allie's Christmas list :)