Wednesday, November 10, 2010

9-month cutie cakes

today (4 days late) we had Cutie Cakes' 9-month appointment. At 19lbs (and 12 oz) and 28.7 inches, she's quite a bit smaller than Cutie Face was 18-months ago. But she's living up to her name and that's kind of cool.

waiting in the dr's office

She is no longer the toothless wonder (having broke her first tooth on the 25th of October).

She started babbling with consonants about three weeks ago, as well. The cute thing about her is that she practices and practices her skills. Cutie Cakes had been pushing her tongue against her lips for a month or so, trying to push out those consonants while making hilarious attempts. Now everything is dada, baba, and gaga.

never met a puzzle she didn't love

Today she waved for the first time (!) and played along with "How big is Cutie Cakes?" "Soooooooo BIG"--raising her hands whenever we'd say that. Sooooooo big AND so cute!

didn't love to eat, that is. Gotta love germy doctor toys. Gross

Still not technically crawling, she half crawls, half army creeps herself wherever she wants to go in record time. Cutie Cakes loves to pull herself up on everything and squeal with delight and pride when she accomplishes her goal.

kind of Norman Rockwell-esque if only you could see Big C!
She's such a happy baby who smiles and laughs at everything...unless someone she knows starts crying, and then she'll cry along with them. We hope that means she'll be a sweet empathetic lady as she ages. We are so blessed to have her in our family!

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