Monday, November 8, 2010

Homecoming 2010!

It isn't too shocking that we went to homecoming this year--we've each attended all but one of our homecomings after our respective graduations. 

This year, however, was a little different--J was an honored alumnus, feted among other alumni (and one alumna)! 

The looong weekend started with a car trip. J and I have decided that car trips with two babes are best done when you can incorporate an afternoon nap AND bedtime. So we left at almost 2 and the kids slept for 2+ hours. not bad!

We arrived uber early the next morning (1:30 AM on Friday) but the girls didn't seem to mind the late night and awoke bright and chipper at 6. Lovely.

Since J drove the whole way, the least I could do was occupy them outside of the small confines of our rooms. So we headed to breakfast at the college cafeteria (where we would eat roughly 75% of our meals that weekend). 

not a pic from breakfast but wanted to show all the alums the new saga
Friday was the coldest day of the weekend but, for mid-November in Michigan, we couldn't complain!

The girls loved feeling the invigorating air...

Cutie Cakes hung out in the Pop-a-Tot

check out the hat. fancy, no? (actually it's quite ridiculous)

and Cutie Face ran around the quad for old times sake
(or for my old times sake)

sadly, the lack of sleep meant increased crankiness

and Cutie Face was not immune from time out

it helped to take a "rest" at our bookstore
since, it turns out, there are a lot of books that aren't just for collegiates

Speaking of co-eds, we hired a fantastic babysitter with the help of J's mom, and headed to the awards banquet early Friday evening.

J was blessed to have a lot of friends attend!

i'd say his mom was most proud of him!

not to mention his mentor, who stuck with J through his (self-declared) major

i was pretty pleased to be at his side, too

the next morning there was a tree planting in honor of the alumni
so the Cuties and I showed up to represent J (who was...sleeping).

Turns out, ironically, he didn't get a tree! so we felt a little...silly 

to redeem our (humiliated) camera-toting selves,
i snapped a few pictures of the campus eagles 
(which you'd think would be our mascot but, no, that's too easy)

Cutie Cakes liked them, too

finally it was time for some real homecoming festivities
like the KKG brunch!

Cutie Cakes met Grandma Sally for the first time...
while Cutie Face took a few minutes to reacquaint herself with Sal

NB when the day was done, Cutie Face was giving out hugs to Sally and lots of smiles

maybe because she got to eat lots of food that never shows up at our house...
like Kappa cheesecake and french toast sticks

and she also got to play the piano

yes, believe it or not, there was more to the day than eating

how about some football!?!

Cutie Cakes was pretty camera shy--
she was too busy exploring the president's box

the rest of the weekend, we spent bumming around
the girls loved waking up at 4:50 AM on Sunday (daylight savings time)
which was...rotten for us parents

believe it or not, Cutie Face managed to turn on the TV to Busy Town (a new obsession)

side note: never thought i'd dry diapers in the campus hotel
(double side note: the hotel is typically off-limits to students 
so i almost felt illegal staying there!)

a true highlight for Cutie Face was hanging out with Grandma's dogs

Cutie Cakes liked them a lot, too!

poor, sweet, tolerating doggies

Before we left on Monday, we had a few hours to play in Grandma's office

envision the future as a legacy student

and give Churchill a hug goodbye
phew what a trip!


Matt and Em said...

great pictures, al! looks like you guys had a fab trip. i can't believe saga is SOOOO luxurious. i feel like everyone should have to suffer through old, hideous saga like we did! no fun!

Kim said...

I LOVE the pictures! I especially love CF looking up at the eagle and hugging Churchill :) It was great to see you a little, and hopefully we'll get to see you again soon! p.s. I need to send the pictures from the bouncy house...nothing fancy, but the subjects are awfully cute :)

Jenny said...

I am just catching up on your blog after a long while--life is so busy these days that I don't seem to find much time for blog reading anymore! Anyway, I just have to say how completely adorable your girls are!! What cute little sisters. And you looks so gorgeous in that photo at the award dinner! Congrats to J on the award, too!