Wednesday, December 1, 2010

make new friends AND keep the old

We had the extreme privilege of welcoming J's longest-known friend and his fine family into our home. Dr. Matt is...well, clearly, a doctor. But he's not just any doctor. He is a missionary doctor serving with his family in Niger, a physical healer who prays that God can use him to spiritually heal people, too.

We sat around with him and his amazing wife and listened to just what they do--and, let me tell you, it's incredible. For just a tiny small glimpse into their life, you can watch this video:

Anyway! This post is about keeping the old friends (ie: Dr. Matt) and making new ones. The new friendships were formed between our children. Cutie Face still talks about her time with them and it was over two weeks ago. (...just maybe the shenanigans illustrated below might give you a clue why she still talks about her new friends!)

(please excuse very poor quality--iPhone pics only)
after dinner at a local pizzeria (cut short when the electricity went out--they wouldn't let us dine in darkness with only the "exit" light to illuminate our food), the kids took a bath (no nude pictures on this blog--sorry :) and then went crazy!
  "I" ran the kids all over the house in the cozy coupe

i think they would have stayed on there forever if we hadn't
rounded them up for a Bible story reading

In the morning (post-pancakes and syrup), the kids were at it again
this time with baby Cutie Cakes!

 she thought it was awesome to be included with the big kids!

 at least...i think...

eek! what are you thinking!?! stop taking pictures and SAVE me!
Then we decided to be one of about 5 families to brave the cold weather (legitimately cold, not just Hotlanta cold) and visit the zoo. Those petting zoo animals need love regardless of the temperature!

We had so much fun together and hope to see you guys again soon!

*note: Baby A not pictured--hopefully she'll make an appearance the next time around!

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Southern Belle said...

That video had me in tears! What an amazing family! So glad you all were able to fellowship together. I am adding this family to my missionary prayer list.