Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mama, we ate Monkey food!

Someone special recently turned ONE!

The theme of the day was Monkeys and the amazing twin came up with food to coordinate: banana chips, banana bread, banana pudding, banana muffins and...drum roll...BANANA SPLITS! delish!

Of course, the amazing twin also decked her house from the rafters in festive decorations:

The big cousins, like most two-year olds, thought the day was partly for them so Poppy distracted entertained them

they're pretty goofy!

Of course, Sweet Pea needed something to blow out on her first birthday so there was a cake, too. Cutie Face definitely felt the need to assist with the blowing.

in the end, though, she let the immediate family be privy to the cake celebration

It's safe to say that everyone enjoyed themselves

and the fun even continued when they left--for the amazing twin made crayons (!) and gave out playdough for party favors

Happy birthday sweet niece of mine. I cannot wait to watch you blossom this year!

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Kathy said...

WOW! You are right-Amazing!

BTW-I LOOVE the picture in your header:)