Thursday, February 3, 2011

so...about that... turns out i have a blog.


I was going to try to pretend that i hadn't (massively failed to) update the Cuties blog and continue on as normal.

But I was reminded by the Cuties' GREAT-grandma that there were readers family out there that noticed we were MIA. 

So about that. No "good" excuses this time around for the blog absence (my last long absence was due to my first trimester with Cutie Cakes). 

Speaking of Cutie Cakes, you guys, she's almost ONE. It's the saddest but most amazing thing ever to watch her these days--she is most definitely not a baby anymore.
We can give her an unopened book of Corduroy and say, "Cutie Cakes, give the bear a kiss" and she'll open the book, find the page with her favorite picture of Corduroy and bend in half to give him a kiss.

Cutie Cakes LOVES to roam around our house in the Little Tikes car. She'll open the door, get into it, and just cruise around (usually backwards but sometimes forwards and a lot of times sideways). 

She is an explorer, an adventurer, and has a never-say-never attitude--we know this because she attempts to squeeze her body into, through, and under the smallest, most obscure places in our house--i'll have to take pictures of where she's gone but i'm usually too busy fishing her out of said places to snap a photo!

Cutie Cakes loves to say "ball ball ball ball ball" whenever she sees a ball. She can say "hi" on cue and thinks it's hilarious. And she knows she's endearing when she leans across me to wave and sweetly coo "byeeeee" as I carry her out of stores. She definitely tries to say a lot of other things but, as her mom, I'm the only one who knows what she's attempting. 

The cutest thing is that she LOVES baby dolls and will squeal when she sees one, grab it, pull it up to her neck, hug it, lean her head in to it, and then make a lip smacking kissy sound. Oh I die every time! It's the best to see her heart already showing some kind of love!

I know this post has been entirely about Cutie #2 but Cutie #1 is doing GREAT. She's an amazing big sister--mostly patient, incredibly helpful, and very insightful. She's also very smart because she already knows how to push her sister's buttons...which makes for a lot of refereeing and redirecting and the like. 

But it's great to see her come into her own. She can now completely dress herself--though sometimes she needs a bit of help getting appendages in the right hole or shoes on the right feet. She can clamor that she needs to go potty and we'll say, "go potty, then!" and away she goes--literally doing everything herself (though J says we need to work on one area in that process...). 

Our little miss Independent (and what almost 2.5-year old isn't striving to be independent?!) is still our sweet snuggler and tender-hearted girl and for that J and I are very grateful.

I really could go on and on and on some goal is to update frequently--posting a current happening while also posting some past events (because, as i've mentioned before, this blog is our ultimate memory keeper and we'd be very sad if we didn't get to look back on it someday!) 

Until then, we'll keep looking up and hope to be keeping up with this blog! Cue the Cutie, looking...UP!


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, the girls are getting so big. Thanks for the update.

Natalie said...

Yay! I am so looking forward to this!

Southern Belle said...

Yay, you posted! Glad your back. The girls are adorable, as always. = )

Kim for the Kings said...

I'm a non-family member reader who is THRILLED to see an update! But I'm also a mom who understands that though blogging is great, it sometimes just needs to wait. :) Looking forward to reading and seeing what's up with your family over the next few weeks.

Kim said...

It isn't just family that follows! Glad to see an update. Can't believe how old your girls are getting! LOVE the picture of them riding their "bike" together!

The Deavours Family said...

i'm behind, too.....your girls are dolls. would LOVE to play!