Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cutie Cakes at ONE

Dear Cutie Cakes,

You are ONE!

No one can believe it, definitely not your mom.

You are so animated and absolutely into everything. It is strange to have to actually babyproof a house. Your curiosity for life and quest to accomplish your mission gets you into many...precarious adventurous positions. 

For example, this is where I found you when I accidentally left the door open to our laundry closet:

You're too much but I love it!

I could watch the way you slide open the play car door, climb in, stand up and squeal with delight all day long. The joy and wonderment you get from a sense of accomplishment is very fun to witness. 

You are very much a ham and giggle just like your sister--i love that.

you're really not into walking yet even though i know you can do it

The reason: you're smart enough to know that walking means
 you'll be toted around less!

Musical! Oh! you LOVE to sing and you really can!

You are very blessed to possess that attribute of your Daddy's!

We swore we wouldn't do it but we did--we've somehow been more lenient with you than with your big sister. You get away with crying for something. For example, you still cry out in the middle of the night--with Cutie Face, she was sleeping 12-hour stretches at 4-months old. You, my dear, still end up in our bed for a midnight nursing session. It's baffling and understandable at the same time--we don't want our baby to grow up just yet!

While that baby rearing aspect of your life is very much part of the baby phase, we've given you more mature options when it comes to food, DVD watching, and the like. You've eaten nearly all finger foods since 9-months attempt to keep with the baby weaning philosophy and give me a break from making and feeding you pureed food. It was NICE! 

We let you watch Little People DVDs with your sister and Curious George episodes. I really can't believe that we do that but I think you'll be okay :) The great thing is, you get the most enjoyment out of Baby Signing Time DVDs just like your sister so I know you are processing and understanding something that we put in front of you!

You know exactly what you want and you definitely get frustrated when you do not get it. I swear at times we're already going through the "terrible 2s" but then your dad reminds me that you don't know how to express yourself yet...which is why we need to practice our signing! Though there are some key words that you do know: mama, dada, ball, BA (balloon...definitely different than ball), more (more like "mawh"), and a few words that you've only said once and probably by accident (dog, thank you, etc.)

Like your sister, you L-O-V-E the blanket that your GiGi made you. You're quite taken with dolls as well as stuffed toys--and your newest lovey is a Kitty Cat from Grandma

it gets dragged around with you everywhere

I love that you're a love bug like that! I pray that you continue to show love and empathy and kindness toward people and animals!

You're also such a joy that we didn't even know you had your second double ear infection! We found out at your 1-year "well" checkup visit with your doctor :(

of course...there might have been signs...

but as the second, slightly more neglected child, you've found an amazing way to thrive and be joyful while doing so. As your Poppy says, you are an absolute delight and we praise God for your presence in our family!


Courtney said...

Happy 1st Birthday. I can't believe she is one already. She says like a joyful addition to your family.

TMM said...

Seriously, don't feel bad...I'm still getting up in the night to feed little screaming W and would have NEVER done that for A! This makes me feel better (and sounds very similar on many aspects)!