Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Betty B wannabe

My Grandma and the Cuties' GiGi (maker of the famous security blankets the girls are always seen with) is not just a knitter. Actually, knitting is a side hobby that she just happens to be good at. 

What GiGi (aka Betty B) is really spectacular at is making cakes. My Grandma is a professional cake baker! She has made all of her grandchildren's wedding cakes and countless birthday cakes for her grands as well (not to mention the thousands of cakes she's made for customers and friends!). 

The twin and I used to love to watch her decorate and she'd always let us decorate our own 8" circular cake when we visited. 

Sadly, I should have paid more attention to her lessons because now I have daughters that would like decorated cakes for birthdays and special occasions!

I know you're thinking...uhh, didn't they have  Cutie Cakes' cake made by a bakery?

Yes! BUT 2 days later, Cutie Face turned 2 and that oh-so-crucial "half". 

I signed up to bring snacks for her preschool class on the day of her half birthday. Since she's a summer baby, she won't get to celebrate her birthday in school with friends so I figured a half birthday cake would help make up for that.

the tricky part was making this cake without eggs--
one of her classmates has a severe allergy to them 
which is why this eggless cake looks...a little flat

That didn't stop Cutie Cakes from being super excited about it!

but maybe that's just excitement about the lollipops

oh and as much as i adore polka dots 
and as much as the ones on the cake looked planned...

they're really just there to make up for my sorry attempt at decorating!
clearly I could still use a few lessons from talented Grandma B!

Though not planned, Cutie Face had a present waiting for her when she returned home from school.

I review products for a natural baby goods blog and one item arrived on her half birthday--Zylie the Bear--a stuffed bear that doubles as a dress up "doll".

As Cutie Face told J later that day, she is a very lucky kid. Looks like Zylie is a lucky bear, too!

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TMM said...

Very cool! How did you get the gig of reviewing stuff? I'd love to something like that!