Thursday, February 10, 2011


Don't get jealous if you aren't immediate family

but the Cuties have been up to some

Valentine Day fun

set to arrive to our family's mailboxes

on February 14

I thought it'd be fun for Cutie Face to stamp V-Day symbols on hand-cut felt. 
She picked out pink glitter glue
I picked out felt and craft scissors

Turns out, at 2.5, she's not quite ready for the crafts I planned for. 

So we scratched that craft and made toddler hand-friendly stamps...
out of potatoes!

Take note: half potatoes are perfectly sized for a toddler to grasp and stamp

the good news for Cutie Face was...
she could still use her pink glitter glue!

in other MAIL news:
we daily get our Christmas Cards 
(yes, I know we were just talking Valentine's...)
returned to us

For some reason, the post office wants to deliver postcards to the return label

some cards have made it all the way to the state intended 
just to be processed back to Atlanta!
So today I took my pen to the address label
blacked it all out

and will be marching the cards back to the post office this afternoon

Hopefully the last 50 of you to receive them will appreciate the
Christmas/Valentine greetings!


and that felt that I had such high hopes for? 
(seen below on cutie cakes' food tray)

happily hanging out in our sunroom playroom for all our new neighbors to see

let's just hope they don't think it's an eyesore!


Southern Belle said...

You are always so creative! The hearts you made out of felt are super cute.

Kim said...

The twins were a little young for our Valentine crafts too - so I sort of adapted their part and then finished the rest myself...

Your Christmas card looks awesome! So sorry that you're having so much trouble getting them out!