Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quick & Easy V-Day treats!

I mentioned that I was in the mood for crafting but not full-fledged take-all-day crafts. Just nice and easy, no more than an hour, do it during a nap kind of crafts.

My mom and Cutie Face whipped up a delectable gift that was super easy but looks like it was done by a professional.

All you need are some pretzel rods, candy melts, and sprinkles.

Mimi had the hardest part--
put the melted candy on the pretzel rods

Cutie Face had the fun, toddler-friendly part
shake shake shake the sprinkles!

Mimi's trick is to immediately put a tray of prepared pretzel rods into the fridge. Once hardened, she puts them in little plastic baggies for a professional presentation (please excuse these iPhone photos--camera died!)

Tie with a ribbon and...Voila! Instant V-Day gifts!

Cutie Face will be attending her preschool V-Day party tomorrow. Originally, I thought I'd use these adorably sweet V-Day printable cards made by Meg from Olliegraphic and offered on Oh my! Handmade Goodness

We got as far as decorating with Cutie Face's favorite craft accessory--
the pink glitter glue

and then I received an email from Tammy Mitchell Photography
(i subscribe to her email feed and always glean lots of inspiration from her ideas!)

and I was inspired...
sadly, i cannot use her pictures on my blog so check this link if you're curious

Anyway, I wanted to do something along those same lines but my own twist

I knew that Stauffers made cheese crackers in the shape of whales
so Mimi and I went to the Dollar Store to stock up on whale crackers

Using the clear cellophane bags from the pretzel rod craft 
and Avery Shipping Label 5163

I drafted two stickers for whale treat bags

One says: "I whaley like you"
the other says: "Whale you be my Valentine?"

Here's the finished product:

If you need a last minute Valentine sticker, let me know, and I'll send this sticker in jpg form to you! I'm very excited for Cutie Face to hand these out tomorrow!


Southern Belle said...

Ah, what cute ideas!

Kim said...

Awesome ideas! My valentine idea ended up being a little advanced for the twins. I'll keep these in mind for next year :) Love the new banner.