Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dragons on Parade

okay so not dragons so much

but definitely a parade

more specifically, the Dragon*Con parade 

that marched down the middle of Atlanta

after attending by his lonesome two years ago, J wanted to bring the girls to the parade this year. Father-daughter bonding i suppose?! J scouted out seats for him and the girls right on the curb of Peachtree St.

obligatory "turn around & say hi to mommy, girls" photo

some people got really creative with their seats of choice...
more specifically, the roof of a Marta station:

Dragon*Con is a 3-day "festival" of sorts that occurs every year over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. It draws an incredible amount of people who love to dress up in elaborate costumes, meet famous SciFi authors, and enjoy being with like minded people.

there were so many costumes on parade that i did not recognize

I did, however, enjoy seeing Harry Potter characters and watching the crowd react to Doc from "Back to the Future" fame. *side note* J actually met the real Doc (Christopher Lloyd) at a Dragon*Con seminar. Neat-O.

the DeLorean that follows was also a crowd pleaser

Car props were a big deal during the parade

The Ecto-1 Ghostbusters car was pretty funny, especially because of the dozens of Ghostbusters who flanked it--they were all about getting us to participate along with them

J had to tell me that this one was Speed Racer but he, too, got us all riled up when he jumped out of the car and did some funky dancing

I can report that I at least knew MIB meant "Men In Black"

We saw our favorite local marching band
(what? you don't have a favorite local marching band?)

Cutie Cakes really enjoyed the Feed&Seed band--she loves music!
(she was, by now, perched upon my shoulders to watch the parade)

Big C was thrilled to see the princesses on parade

though i'm not sure how much the rest of the crowd loved it

Cutie Cakes was a bit perplexed... see a fellow little kiddo being toted around 
with a look of "i didn't sign up for this, Mom!" on his face

Cutie Cakes was definitely a little restless and my shoulders were aching
so down she went...and all the way down it was--in lieu of a morning nap 
in her crib, she felt like the sidewalk pavement was a perfect spot

Cutie Face, on the other hand, had loads of energy and danced around us

 It was an interestingly fun morning with our supergirls 
but we think they'll be back next year!

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