Friday, September 2, 2011

Pre-preschool Days

J and I loved watching Cutie Face thrive in her preschool last year. She became more confident, developed friendships, and had adventures all her own. This year she will be attending 3 days a week in the gardening class! J and I are so excited for her to get to be outside every day learning and exploring God's creation while enjoying it with friends and also getting a little practice with  her numbers, alphabet, and every-day lessons on how to follow directions.  Cutie Cakes and I treated her to bagels at Einstein Bros. the morning of her meet-and-greet. Bonus--they had pumpkin bagels! 

She literally skipped into her school:

and right into her classroom where she was excited to learn they have a doll house:

lots and lots of books alongside a kitchen:

a crafty station...

to practice her scissor skills:

and many other undocumented fun stations for her to enjoy when they're not outside in the garden!

Little Cutie Cakes enjoyed herself immensely in the classroom--i think she was more upset to leave school than her sister! We entertained the thought of her sending her to preschool this year because she is definitely social and independent--always off to explore on her own! But...nah...i'm keeping her to myself for another year...

...and letting sweet Cutie Face enjoy being the "big kid" doing "big kid" things apart from her always-present sister and often hovering mom.

here's to a new year Cutie!

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