Thursday, March 29, 2012

because life is too short... wait around until all my photos are edited, perfected, and uploaded before i blog, I've decided to just go with photos in the raw and record the memories as we go! And so here we go

Today, Cutie Face's preschool class
Pizza, Popcorn, and Pajama Day!

she ate that up (literally and figuratively)

you should have seen all the princess pjs on the playground today.
(glad we're not the only ones...)

sweet Cutie Cakes 
(who is becoming a true 2 year old in actions, vocabulary, etc)
was sad that she was not allowed to wear her pajamas
to Bible Study

so the compromise was a Rapunzel dressup dress for naptime
(j's favorite pictures of Cutie Cakes are of her sleeping 
so those are for him!)

while her sisters slept
(for hours! SOOO nice!)
Cutie Face hung out in her house

decorating it with pictures, stickers, balloons, and nightlights

She informed me that she had her pillow, blanket and *tons* of food
in case she got hungry or tired
(food being Melissa and Doug pretend food sets)

the sisters finally awoke and we were off!
The girls and i helped cheer and direct Kilometer Kids runners
on their 1-mile race course

it was a great and active way to end our day!

until the next adventure,
here's looking at you, kid :)

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